Air Filter Comparison Test
Japanese auto magazine "HyperREV" tests some of the most well known air filters against each other. What's better, HKS, K&N, Sard, Apexi, or Blitz?  The best looking filter isn't necessarily the best performing.  One filter may flow better than the other, but let in tons of dirt & particles.  Is there a filter that can combine the best of both worlds?  To find out, click here.
Warren Tsang's Custom Car Detailing Process
People often ask me how I manage to keep my car shiny & clean all the time. Well, it's because I've come up with my own system of keeping my car looking its best. If you follow my system, you'll have am incredibly shiny & clean car, and be able to maintain it with less effort. With my system you don't even actually have to wash your car, unless it gets really dirty.  It's not some kinda miracle process, you just need to use the right products at the right times.   To check out my special system, click here.
Tuning & Repair Shops
For those of you who live in Southern California, I've compiled a list of tuning & repair shops that I've either taken my car to or have had friends take their cars to.  I'll tell what I thought of each shop, which were good & which to avoid.  The list includes such shops as UPRD, Stillen, etc. To check out this list, click here.

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