Tuning & Repair Shops
Most of the shops listed I've personally been and had work done there & I rate my experience with them on a scale of 1 to 10.  Shops that I haven't been to, but know of or have heard things about, will be listed at the end.  All these shops are local to the Southern California area.
Stillen - Suprasonic rating 1 out of 10
3176 Airway
Costa Mesa, CA 92626
Tel: 714.540.5566 Fax: 714.540.1826 

I went to a Supra Dyno day at Stillen, and after talking to the techs & what not, I decided bringing my car into Stillen to be tuned would be a good idea.  They said fine tuning the car could help it make a significant amount of horsepower & I wanted the peace of mind of knowing my car was gonna be running at its best.  I chatted a little with the head service manager & it seemed like the techs there were very knowledgeable about Supras & I felt pretty confident that they could do a good job.  Boy was I wrong.  First of all, they did zero tuning, all they told me was there didn't seem to be anything "wrong" with my car, except that maybe the boost controller should be connected to the second turbo instead of the first.  All this was told to me in a rather uncertain tone, they told me to call other shops to see if the boost controller should be connected to the first or second turbo. How stupid is that!  Anyways, I confirmed from the MKIV mailing list that my boost controller was connected properly to only the first turbo. So since they hadn't done anything & I knew they were gonna charge me anyways, I told the techs to increase  my plug gap to .032, because I felt the .028 gap I previously had them at was a little lower than needed on my BPU Supra.  After leaving my car there with them for a whole day, I pick it up only to find it misfiring really bad on the high end.    Thoroughly annoyed by the fact my car was now running worse than when I brought it in, I decided to check the spark plugs myself.  Lo & behold, when I pulled out he plugs, they were gapped to .040!  No wonder my car was misfiring at high boost, the gap was way too high.  I put in new NGK 3330 plugs at the preset .0315 gap, and the misfire is completely remedied.  So not only did leaving my car with Stillen make my car run worse, I also had to redo all the labor they were supposed to do, to correct their mistake.  So what in the world did I get for the $100+ I paid them?!  Obvously ticked off, I called them up the next day. Guess what?  The head service manager quit, I had to talk to Steve Millen's secretary instead.  I told them I wanted my money back.  She said she had to check the service records and talk to the techs.  When she calls me back she says they're no paperwork that shows the techs did anything to my plugs, and since the service manager is gone, she can't ask him about it either.  After much bitching, the most they were willing to do was give me $57 credit toward a future purhase from them.  Stillen is a complete joke of a tuning shop, never take your car to them.

UPRD - Suprasonic rating 8 out of 10
18108 Redondo Circle
Huntington Beach, CA 92648
Tel: 714.842.3338 Fax: 714.842.3339

UPRD (Under Pressure Research & Design)  is a very well known Supra & import car tuner.  They were the ones who tuned Rhys Milllen's 1st place winning Pikes Pike Skyline GT-R.  I saw that actual GT-R sitting in their garage, really awe inspiring.  There was also a brand new, black R-33 VSPEC sitting in the back wharehouse, the seats were even still in plastic wrapping.  There were also numerous Supras in various stages of upgrade, sitting all over the place.  I took my car to them to have new rotors and pads installed, as well as stainless steel brake lines & an HKS super sequential BOV.  It was a strangely confidence inspiring sight to see that the lead mechanics in their garage were all middle-aged Japanese guys.  Just like the guys you see on Option or REVSpeed magazine.  I was hoping these were guys were really had experience from working in Japan, & were brought over here.  Dunno if that's true or not though.  What I do know is they did a very good job on my car, everything was installed & running great.  The weld job they did of the BOV to one of my HKS hard pipes was excellent.  The only complaint I can think of is that their prices are a decent amount higher.  But I guess you gotta pay for their premium reputation.  I should have taken my car to them to tune, but their usually really busy,  & they're kinda far from me, while Stillen was just down the street.  It can be hard to get your car in there, so call well in advance.

SP Engineering - Suprasonic rating 8 out of 10
14829 Proctor Ave.
Industry, CA 91746
Tel: 626.333.5398

I've only taken my car to SP (Speed Pride) Engineering once, but that one visit was a very positive one.  For the longest time I had been having a high boost/ high RPM misfire.  After trying a million different plugs and gaps, a mechanic friend of mine (who I have do most of the standard work on my car now) found through testing with a multimeter, that 2 of my 6 coilpacks were receiving next to no voltage.  While the other 4 coilpacks showed 11.6 volts across the board, coilpacks for cylinders 1 & 5 showed only .1 and .05 volts.  So we found the culprit, but since my friend didn't know the Supra wiring schematic, he wasn't able to determine the exact reason for the lack of voltage.   I was thinking that this problem was an easy fix, that any competent mechanic who knew my car's wiring could do it.  So I took my car to Toyota of Irvine (which is reviewed further down).  I figured they should be able to figure this out, they have all the repair manuals after all. Well, they were totally worthless.  The only positive bit of my experience with them was that they were able to shed a little more light on the cause.  They said "somewhere" in the two power lines connecting to coilpacks 1 & 5 there was a break.  They said I had to replace ALL the wiring under the hood, at a cost of over $1000 on a back ordered part.  I said, can't you just locate where the "breaks" are and fix them?  Or can't you just replace those 2 faulty wires? Nope, everything must be replaced, nothing can be replaced individually.  I knew they were totally full of it, so I just paid the $80 labor charge & left.   I decided to just take my car to people who really knew Supras.  At a local Hot Import Days in Irvine, I saw an incredible widebody Supra by SP Engineering, it's actually the cover car on February's Turbo Magazine.  I talked to the guys, and they really knew their stuff when it came to Supras.  I explained my problem to them (Chris & Ivan) over the phone, they seemed pretty confident that they could pinpoint where the breaks were and repair them.  I dropped my car off & also asked that while they were at it, to replace the boots on the coilpacks with new ones I had bought.  By the middle of the day they had fixed the wires, replaced the boots,  tightened all the existing connections, tuned my BCC, rewired my HKS Twin Power (because Dynamic Autosports had wired it in a way that it was susceptible to shorting), and replaced my spark plugs.  They did all that extra stuff without me even asking, now that's pretty good service.  When I came to pick up the car, it was running great, the misfire that had been plaguing me for so long was finally gone! This was really turning out to be agood experience, & the two guys I dealt with (Chris & Ivan) were really cool guys, we talked a lot about cars, they answered a ton of my questions, & they even stayed after closing so that I could pick up my car that night. But there were a few less positive points.  First, their prices are really high $150 an hour for labor.  I ended up paying $450, but it sure beats the $1000+ Irvine Toyota wanted to charge me, and I felt it was a small price to pay to finally be rid of the damn misfire.  Secondly, their mechanics are mostly younger guys.  I don't doubt they they're good at what they do, but I would still prefer mechanics like those at UPRD.  Lasty, they told me they replaced my spark plugs, even when I didn't actually ask them to or want them to.  But they said they put in new Denso Iridium plugs at a lower gap & that would help.  Fine by me.  Well when later on I actually pulled the plugs out, I found they were Denso, but platinum, NOT iridium.  I replaced them with NGK 3330 copper core plugs because copper dissipates heat better than platinum.  I dunno if they just tried to candy coat things by lying about the plugs, or if they just made a mistake.  But in an automotive repair world where you can't trust anyone and they're all trying to rip you off,  I'll consider theirs a lesser offense.

Toyota of Irvine - Suprasonic rating 3 out of 10
30 Auto Center Drive
Irvine, CA 92618
Tel: 949.768.0688

As far as a delearship goes, they're probably pretty decent & less slimy than your average dealer.  If you got oil changes or normal maintenance service, they're competent enough to do it.  Though they do overcharge Supra owners, no prices they post apply to Supras.  Whatever the price posted is, you can usually double to triple it for a Supra.  Big rip-off, but that's typical for a dealership.  If you can do it yourself, then do it.  Avoid delearships as best you can.  If you have any repairs that require actual skill, competence, or actual familiarity with a Supra, look elsewhere.  You can read about my lousy experience with them in the SP Engineering section above.

Robocar - Suprasonic rating 7 out of 10
2731 E Valley Blvd 
West Covina, CA 91792
Tel: 626.810.8989

I've heard good & bad things about Robocar.  Usually either people like them or they hate them.  Back when I lived right by them, I had the bulk of my modifications done at Robocar & I thought they were pretty good.  I had them install my Greddy Profec B, dual gauge A pillar, Greddy boost & EGT gauges, Eibach springs, Tanabe G Power Medallion exhaust, downpipe, and HKS intake.  Their installation prices were very reasonable, lower than almost all the other shops I've listed, and they did a good job.  The mechanics are pretty decent, they don't specialize in Supras like some other shops, but they have a lead mechanic who actually is very knowledgeable about Supras.  Their prices on parts are bit iffy.  If you call them multiple times and ask for a price, each different person will give you a different price.  I guess they're commission based.  I always went to "Shawn" he's really cool & consistently gave me good prices.  They didn't get as high a rating because they don't really specialize in Supras and also they left a small scratch along my driver side door.  Other than that, I found them pretty decent.

Dynamic Autosports - Suprasonic rating 7 out of 10
23901 Remme Rdg, 
Lake Forest, CA 92630
Tel: 949.457.1234

All I had done by them was an HKS Twin Power install.  The install was pretty clean, labor charge wasn't too bad, nor was it that good.  Their prices are pretty decent, but you need to haggle a little with them.  Supposedly they're very well known tuners of the smaller imports like Civics & Integras, but they're not really Supra specialists.

Rod Millen - No rating, they haven't worked on my car
17471 Apex Circle
Huntington Beach, CA 92647
Tel: 714.847.2158 Fax: 714.848.6821

I've never had my worked on by them, all I've done is buy a BCC from them.  They were one of the few people who actually had some in stock a year ago.  As far as their prices for products and installation go, they're pretty much identical to Stillen, after all Rod Millen and Steve Millen are brothers.  I've heard a few bad things about them, haven't heard anything good.  I'd go with UPRD over them anyday though.

MVP Motorsports - Suprasonic rating 10 out of 10
Tel: 714.842.3338 Fax: 714.842.3339

Unfortunately the only store I can give a full rating to is an online store.  MVP Motorsports is very well known among the MKIV.com Supra mailing lists as one the best online Supra parts stores.  Dusty is the owner, he's really professional and they provide very good customer service and prices.  I you want to buy Supra parts, drop by MVP Motorsports first.

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