Warren Tsang

The Designer
Over the past several years I have produced a large variety of visually striking and innovative designs with uncompromising quality and attention to detail, but always with exceptional speed and efficiency. My design experience ranges from cutting edge, interactive web design to developing the critical user interface elements of the checkout process. From doing client webpages for MTV and Microsoft, to leading and directing the web design of entire companies, I have confidence that my deep experience and creative skills will be a valued asset to any company.

The Objective
The perfect opportunity is one that allows me the freedom to do what I am best at, create! As a Director or Designer, I seek a company that respects the importance of design and strives to deliver the most polished, professional, and intuitive experience to its customers.

Over a Decade of Design Experience
Advertising and Marketing Design Corporate and Brand Identity User Interface Design Web Design and HTML Illustration and Animation Storyboards Character and Mascot Design

Web Design and Development
Over 6 years of experience in the field
Lead designer for buy.com
Over 10 years of experience in Adobe Photoshop
Experienced User Interface Designer
Proficient in HTML

Advertising and Marketing Design
Lead art department of marketing and promotional design at Yahoo! Geocities
Experienced in animated web page banner creation
Experienced in creation of flyers, press kits, and press releases

Illustration and Character/Mascot Design
Over 10 years of character design and comic book illustration experience
Capable of drawing in a variety of styles
A designer who doesn't have to depend on clip art
Artist of own popular web comic

Animation and Storyboarding
Over 10 years experience in hand drawn and computer based animation/ storyboarding
Lead animator of online fighting game "Fighting Verge"

Software Knowledge
Photoshop ImageReady Illustrator Macromedia Flash

Work Experience
Creative Director at automotive.com - June 2003 to current
Lead a complete redesign of automotive.com's website and user interface
More to come...

Lead Designer at buy.com/UCS - July 1999 to July 2003
Lead a complete redesign of buy.com's website and user interface, including several evolutionary iterations through the years
Streamlined, organized, and simplified the user interface. Making the customer's shopping experience the simplest and most intuitive it has ever been
Helped company realize a focus on design quality and consistency that did not previously exist
Designed promotional web pages and entire sites for business partners such as MTV, Sony, and Disney
Responsible for independently designing from concept to completion, tackling problems as they come along, creating solutions, and always working as efficiently as possible to hit solid deadlines

Graphic Artist at Yahoo! Geocities - Summer 1998 to June 1999
Lead art department of marketing/sales and promotional design at Yahoo! Geocities
Designed web pages and animated banner ads paid for by important business partners such as Car and Driver, Levis, Hasbro, and Mazda
Worked closely with clients to design pages that met both their goals and ours, while also staying true to each client's unique look and design styles.

Graphic Artist/ Animator/ Character Designer at Media SuperCollider - Summer 1997 to Summer 1998
Lead character designer and animator for online, multi-player, JAVA based fighting game "Fighting Verge"
Designed and illustrated virtual worlds, environments, and characters for online chat community "OnChat"
Responsible for design of company web pages
Worked with marketing department in creating banner ads, press kits, flyers, print ads, promo kits, and more

Fluent in English and Mandarin Chinese. Conversational Japanese.

Bachelor of Arts degree in Social Ecology at University of California Irvine 1993-1997